100 Most Successful Women Around the World: Vol 2

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By Cheryl Thibault

100 Most Successful Women Around the World

Vol 2: Build From Scratch

This book is like having personal mentors and coaches and successful women from many sectors and cultures that have achieved balance, daily routines, and priorities and see challenges as opportunities. Phenomenal women around the world are sharing untold stories to make a positive impact on the world in many ways. This book will enable you to find out how you can also make an impact in your community and succeed in your vocation, enterprise, or career.

If you are a woman in business or thinking about going into business, this book is filled with wisdom from women who have overcome great odds to achieve their dreams, succeed, and help other women on their road to entrepreneurship. This book will have a life-changing impact on your life.

There are two ways to grow in life; we either learn from our trials and errors, or we learn from the experiences of others and their achievements. Life balance is a big challenge for today’s woman, family, career, entrepreneurship, children, home, health, personal development, and so much more.

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