Disrupting the Status Quo

1 Min Read • 2 years Ago
By Cheryl Thibault

Crush Mediocrity!

Is there anything more empowering than taking owning your path and stepping out of your comfort zone to find success? But sometimes we need a bit of inspiration (or a little nudge) to escape the snowball of mediocrity and disrupt the status quo. In this new book, Cheryl Thibault shares the stage with a wide range of amazing and inspiring authors as they share their entrepreneurial drive and personal stories to show that changing your mindset can be a powerful force! 

"Disrupting the Status Quo", published by DWilson & Associates, ordinary women, including business owners, nonprofit executives, ministers, coaches, a trainer, teachers, mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers share their stories, passion, and purpose to help convince you that you can also crush mediocrity and start living an undefeated life!


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