Visionary Women Leaders: Discovering the Greatness Within You

3 Min Read • 2 years Ago
By Cheryl Thibault

Cheryl Thibault is proud to be featured in B-Global Publishing's newly launched book “Visionary Women Leaders: Discovering the Greatness Within You”

This book is a significant milestone for Angelica Benavides, EdD, and Ragne Sinikas on their mission to help Visionary Leaders Turn their Visions into Reality.

They established a ‘mission for millions’ to be delivered worldwide, raising awareness and elevating women to serve as leaders. Their main goal is to help women clarify their mission and empower them into leadership roles by creating a sisterhood of long-term relationships.

Twenty phenomenal visionary women leaders have come together to share what they see as opportunities and obstacles. This book includes the special guest author Forbes Riley known as the Queen of Pitch, who has sold more than $2.5 Billion of products. In this Book, Forbes shares her secrets to pitching through bestselling books and exceptional training classes. 

“Greatness is a lifelong mission. Create a mission to serve millions and, gently with love, shake the world.” Says Angelica Benavides, EdD, known as Dr. B. the Ultimate Legacy Builder, B-Global Publishing.

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” – Helen Keller

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of these Visionary Women Leaders from the United States, South Africa, Canada, Australia, and Cyprus.

“Once you are clear about why you were born and the contributions you want to make in the world, just do it! We have a clear idea of how the future should look. We lay out concrete steps to bring visions to life and lead a team of people in that direction”. The authors stated.

 The book builds on six central agreements the authors have in common:

  1. Discovering the Greatness Within
  2. Birthing Your Passion
  3. Successful Caring, Connecting and Empowering
  4. Innovation Approach 
  5. Elevating as a Global Visionary Leader 
  6. Generational Impact

About B-Global Publishing: 

They help visionary women leaders to share their Mission with Millions. Elevate your business by using the power of storytelling, then connect it to your mission and establish authority! B-Global Publishing supercharges women business owners, delivering the right message to generations to come.

Ragne Sinikas, founder of the World Women Conference and Awards (WWCA) has connected with visionary leaders from around the world. To energize and inspire women to work toward their future goals, harnessing the power of leadership and community to empower women to achieve their full potential.