From Setback to Success - Free E-Book

2 Min Read • 19 months Ago
By Cheryl Thibault


Over my 40+ years in the beauty industry, there is one question I get asked all the time: "Is a career in the beauty industry still a good choice?"

The answer is YES! Launching a career in the beauty industry could be your answer to safety, sustainability and job security. But navigating the path from passion to success can be overwhelming, which is why I wrote: "From Setback to Success". This free e-book provides insights and knowledge gathered over many years in the industry and can help you define success on your own terms!

In This Free E-Book You Will Discover:

  • Why so many people are still choosing THIS career today
  • Who can benefit from this super REWARDING career choice despite perceived roadblocks
  • Why this career choice remains among one of the most fulfilling and LUCRATIVE across the globe
  • Why personal services remain in HIGH demand in any economy
  • What careers are available in the beauty industry

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