BONUS - The Walk Of Life With Angelica Benavides aka Dr. B

Season 1 • 15 months Ago
By Cheryl Thibault

On this bonus episode of The Walk Of Life podcast, Cheryl Thibault is joined by Angelica Benavides, author of a chapter in the book ‘Visionary Women Leaders’, an ultimate legacy builder, a world class story teller, a serial entrepreneur, networker, speaker and educator. The pair talk about her chapter as well as her career.

About This Guest

Dr. Angelica Benavides is known as Dr. B., she inspires women worldwide to share their story.

You have a special talent, a gift to be shared that will impact and have influence on those it touches. Storytelling is an important social aspect of life, and your life should be remembered.

She is a Badass Influencer, an Ultimate Legacy Builder, A World-Class Storyteller & Best-Selling Author and Publisher.

Dr. B increases visibility, exposure, and influence helping entrepreneurs be all they can be. Dr. B’s story is being written and shared worldwide by the exposure in the Women's World Conference and Awards. She has been featured on NBC, USA Today, Fox, and recognised as an Amazing Women of Influence. She shared a Global Virtual Stage with Forbes Riley, Bill Walsh, Ragne Sinkas, Joe Vitale, and Dr. Freddy Behin.