BONUS - The Walk Of Life With Cheryl Boone

Season 1 • 14 months Ago
By Cheryl Thibault

On this bonus episode of The Walk Of Life podcast, Cheryl Thibault is joined by Cheryl Boone to talk about her journey as well as the chapter she wrote for the book, ‘Disrupting The Status Quo’, called ‘A Leap Of Faith’.

About This Guest

Cheryl Boone is a Psalmist and a prophetic Songwriter, Entrepreneur, and Author. Her first book ‘Poems From The Heart’, which was birthed through an encounter with God, was featured in Today's Purposed Woman Magazine. She has been writing songs and prophetic poetry for several decades. As a veteran of the United States Armed Forces and former retiree from Corporate America. 
Cheryl considers herself as a finisher. Everything in her life is intertwined with dedication and longevity. 
As founder and CEO of  I Write A Song Ministries Cheryl’s endeavours are to create a safe space for other artists like herself; to produce a divine and fresh sound to impact the kingdom. Her clothing line Poems From the Heart inspires those to align with God to produce fruit of the spirit. 
She serves diligently at the Master’s Touch Church. A place of faith, courage and strength. An oasis where leaders find rest. As head Elder of Administration, Board member, Psalmist and Servant.