BONUS - The Walk Of Life With Ragne Sinikas

Season 1 • 15 months Ago
By Cheryl Thibault

On this bonus episode of The Walk Of Life podcast, Cheryl Thibault is joined by Ragne Sinikas, a global marketer whose focus is on helping brands to perform profit. The pair talk about her chapter in the book ‘Visionary Women Leaders’ on sustainable empathic leadership as well as her career.

About This Guest

Ragne Sinikas is a social entrepreneur, philanthropist, an advanced online marketer, founder of World Women Empowerment, World Women Conference & Awards, Real Estate Developer, an International speaker, coach of the Change Makers, global award winner with her Dominate the Decade Podcast. Co-author of various books that help entrepreneurs to start, grow and scale their business. She is an advisor that helps real estate and financial service companies develop a position of competitive advantage and use it to drive business strategy, marketing, and sales.

Ragne is a highly-skilled professional in the fields of Real Estate Advisory Services, sales and marketing. Her sharp analytical skills, paired with the latest technology, allow her to give her clients clarity—not just answers—in all areas of business. Ragne helps to deliver clarity to her clients’ most complex governance, risk, and transparency challenges. She equips entrepreneurs with tools, strategies and systems to completely transform their businesses.
Ragne has 15 years of sales leadership consisting in developing and implementing sales and business plans throughout Europe, Mexico, Russia in several industry sectors.

She is a seasoned entrepreneur that possesses extensive experience at the executive level in operations, business development, fund-raising, strategy, sales and marketing. Ragne is an advanced marketer who helps brands go from presence to profit.
At the start of her professional career she was managing 4 countries with 10 new business centres in Baltic Countries for IWG plc, formerly Regus, the industry leading multinational corporation that provides global workplace solutions. Ragne has built high performance sales teams from the ground up to win significant engagements with Tier 1 networking. As leader she embraces diverse backgrounds and global perspectives, and she cultivates diversity by respecting, including, and valuing one another. She contributes to a supportive and collaborative work environment that empowers each individual to excel.
Ragne founded and grew a boutique management consultancy specialising in strategy implementation and performance improvement. In Los Cabos she opened the first Coworking Space that brings together national and international entrepreneurs with a drive to contribute to the local community and to its ecosystem. Ragne’s network includes global experts from the field of real estate, tourism, sales, marketing etc. She brings the entrepreneurs together to network, collaborate and foster the community.
Instagram: @ragnesinikas